• Download the translation file for your language.
  • Put it to the Registry Finder installation directory (for portable installation) or %APPDATA%\RegistryFinder (for normal installation).
  • Start Registry Finder.

    Registry Finder automatically creates the RegistryFinder_lang.dll file containing all translated resources in binary form. After that the RegistryFinder_lang.ini file is no longer required and can be safely deleted.

    If you want to run Registry Finder without the translation, rename the language ini and dll files, or move it to another folder.

    When newer version of Registry Finder is released, you can use it with older translation file. In that case new UI elements just remain not translated.

Translation files

Language Translator Date Version
Chinese (Simplified) pxd January 17, 2018 2.22
Chinese (Traditional) York Mak December 09, 2017 2.22
French J-P Dagomet December 04, 2017 2.22
German PeterK. December 09, 2017 2.22
Hungarian Zityi's Translator Team December 06, 2017 2.22
Italian Angelo Contardi July 29, 2015 2.5.4
Japanese Tilt December 03, 2017 2.22
Korean 4Li December 01, 2016 2.14
Portuguese (Brazil) Igor Rückert December 03, 2017 2.22
Russian Sergey Filippov December 04, 2017 2.22
Swedish Åke Engelbrektson February 23, 2017 2.17